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Dear Students

I know we are all home and taking care of our bodies and minds! I am so proud of you for continuing your schooling and now continuing your dance education at your home! I know we will be back dancing soon in the Studio room but I want you to continue your dance growth and make progress even if we aren’t together face to face. As you know, a lot of progress can be made through your hard work and dedication! We will make it happen!

Here is our plan for the rest of this month-until April 6th (if needed). I will be playing everything day by day! As soon as we can dance WE WILL! Please check our website, facebook, Instagram, and your emails for immediate posting of class information!

Video links will be provided for every dancer of SADC below! I will continue to post class links if we need weekly or we will be interacting with ZOOM classes until we can return to the Conservatory. I will be posting at the end of next week with new updated information on what we will do for our Conservatory as progress has been made in our country!

The links provided are for every class-every level- every discipline-and every student! Currently, it is SO important for us to be practicing RECITAL DANCES! All videos provided give above and beyond the class work, skills work, and dance work each student needs to be practicing for their spring session at SADC!

After completion of class/recital dance practice- please email me at: Send me a picture, video, or just write to let me know how class and practice went! I would love to see you and hear from you. Also, have a parent sign the email which indicates you practiced!


Prior to taking class please fill out the waiver form and submit back to me either via email or print and place in my black box at the Studio!


How To Take a Dance Class at Home

Students go to a space in your home, garage, or if nice enough outdoors! You will want a more open space to try to clear the area around you so no furniture or objects get damaged during our class!

After you have completed your class videos on your own time- I would love for you to email me at – Write to me to tell me how your class went, if you had any questions, or if you have any pictures or videos you want to share with me!!



Ballet beginning/Intermediate levels- (Ballet 1,2,3,4) and Advanced levels (Ballet 5,6) Take the class- it is filled with a complete ballet barre’-center floor work- stretches-turns- leaps! After you complete your class THEN please select your class recital dance and practice it 5-6 times through!

Ballet-Additional Moves to Add this week

1. Balance- time yourself- balancing – RISING UP off heels- 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th- for one minute in the center- no barre’ or wall to hold on! Write your time down- how far you go- and try to master at least 60 seconds in these positions!

2. Frappe’- work on double-or single-doing quickly- but in correct positions- practice going front-side and back 15 x- as quick as you can. If position shifts-start again. Technique is important for muscle Memory

3. Arabesque balance- hold arabesque- leg kicking straight behind you with no wall or barre’- 1 min. On both legs!

4. Arabesque skips- or sissonne’s! Across the floor without arching back!

5. Assemble’- Kick leg to side (almost in front) and brush jump- and land with 2 feet! Work on the height of the jump but the assemble of the feet in the air before coming down- Do not jump side to side- try to jump a tiny bit forward-only

6. Pique- do 30 turns- keeping foot connected to the back of the leg- try holding the balance at the end as long as you can! Do right and left leg!

7. Pas De Chat-Jump in posse’- one knee raises the other joins- landing one foot then the other. (This is called step of the cat). Work on doing 15-20 of these- getting higher each time- Do slow and controlled and then speed up!

8. Pas De Bourre’e—Chasse’- STAY on releve’ the entire time! Do 10 of these both directions- right and left! Your feet may cramp but it is important to build this strength and control- if dancers with hold an object in hand for extra center control- balance!

9. Jumps- Add Additional Jumps- Changement- and Jumps in fifth! Hitting the position. Jump on a sticker-piece of tape- or book- controlling your landing-and plie’ each time- do 50 of these!! Right foot then left foot leading

10. Turn on Ballet music and dance- create your own BALLET-working on grace, poise, control, and listening to classical music to make you move!!

Full Ballet Class

Week 3 Add-on

Ballet 1 Recital - With Counts

Ballet 1 Recital - With Music

Ballet 2 Recital

Ballet 3 Recital

Ballet 4 Recital

Ballet 5 Recital

Ballet 6 Recital

Pre-Combo & Lvl 1 Ballet/Jazz/Tap Week 5

Ballet Beginner to Intermediate Week 5

Ballet Advanced Week 5


This is a warm up to take- with different combination progressions for level 1-6 to try and complete. This will be a full class for you to follow along. If you need to stop the video pause it and go through anything (especially things across the floor) do this and you can resume after! After completing the class go to the recital links and select your class to practice your dance 5-6 times!

Continue with new strengthening videos from last week! For my dancers, right now it is so important to STAY conditioned and in shape. Practicing new steps is good—but also hard to do without proper technique taught-corrected and implements!

Here is what you take:

Jazz Class, and 3 different conditioning videos, plus recital dances

Miss Gabbie has taught a new dance video for you to learn for fun

Miss Reese has also taught you a fun class to take

Addiitonally add these things on to your video and check them off as you complete for the week!

1. Splits- make a chart and do daily- 2 Minute holds- all 3 directions- Right, Left, and Middle.

2. Chaine turn- illusion-chaine-axiel-chaine-tilt jump

3. Tilt Jumps- adding chasse’- or just run run steps! Do all legs-all directions-inward-outward

4. Pivot steps – right and left leg

5. Jazz struts

6. Pirouettes- in coupe, posse’, pencil, turns in second- these are in video- but practice a variation- mix them within each other- do 10-15 sets each leg

7. Scorpion

8. Extension- stretch legs past ear-to nose-behind you

9. Practice your favorite trick- come up with a new one! Tumbling- or leaps- turns- explosive moves!

10. Add on FREE DANCING- turn on music and MOVE! Create a dance- write it down- design the piece-the costume. ENJOY DANCING!

Jazz - All Levels

Jazz/Hip-Hop/Lyrical Week 3 Add-on

Jazz & Lyrical Week 5

Pre-Combo & Lvl 1 Ballet/Jazz/Tap Week 5

Tap 1 Recital - With Counts

Tap 1 Recital - With Music

Tap 1 Recital - Boys dip partner

Tap 2 Recital

Tap 3 Recital

Jazz 4 Recital

Jazz 5 Recital

Jazz 6 Recital

Lyrical/ Hip Hop/Leaps and Turns

Complete the video listed for your classes. This will be a complete strength and conditioning class! You may also follow the Ballet Class and the Jazz class video and complete both. After completion find your recital dance video link and practice your dance 5-6 times! Lyrical- has 2 videos to review for recital!

Lyrical/Hip-Hop/Leaps and Turns Conditioning

Leaps and Turns Week 5

Jazz/Hip-Hop/Lyrical Week 3 Add-on

Hip-Hop Week 5

Hip-Hop Recital

Lyrical Recital

Lyrical - Middle section with counts

Jazz & Lyrical Week 5


Follow the Pointe video for your barre’ work and a few center floor exercises. Then follow the BALLET video EN POINTE’ or pre-pointe’ with your weights on your ankles! After completion POINTE’ students go to recital dance link and practice the dance 5-6 times! Review in shoes please and take both class and do dance in your pointe’ shoes!!

Pre-Pointe/Pointe Class

Pointe Recital


Below is a full video link with a full class to take! Moms are encouraged to take the class! I also have a message at the end of the video for parents and students! After class- go to recital dance link (pre-combo 1 (Monday) or pre-combo 2(Wednesday) and practice the dance 5-6 times! Each pre-combo will have a CLASS link- and 2 recital links- one with counts, one with music. TOTAL- 3 links to do! Do the recital dance with/and without music-multiple times!!

Add on to current class


Holding a ball or baby doll while doing chasse’

Chaine turns- Turns that travel across- spin over shoulder to travel to one side of the room and next

Ballet walks- staying off heels- hold object over head-like scarves, doll, wand, book, toy- Walk in circles, straight lines, zig zag, different directions- ON TOES!

Balancing on one foot! Time them! They love to do this as a game- have a balancing contest together- holding one foot up! NO BUNNY HOPS!

Toe Touches- or angel jumps! Have them do from squatting down on the ground and jumping up in the air. Have them do 5-10 of these!

Ballet positions- go over these positions with them! They can color- and then do- hang up also for extra reinforcement. Here are the positions

Jumping Jacks- 15

Summer salts- with assistants- on blanket-or mat! Or on the bed!

Hand Stands


Big Kicks- in a straight line across the floor! Kick their nose-straight leg- alternate legs (we usually like to kick the same leg over and over-hold their hands so they can alternate like walking).

Free Dance!! Turn music on—let them dance free style (how they feel)! Play the music and then pause it-when music pauses-have them freeze! When music plays again they dance! (this is for their listening-and creative skills to develop)

Pre-Combo Full Class

Pre-Combo Week 3 Add-On

Pre-Combo & Lvl 1 Ballet/Jazz/Tap Week 5

Pre-Combo 1 Recital - With Counts

Pre-Combo 1 Recital - With Music

Pre-Combo 2 Recital - With Counts

Pre-Combo 2 Recital - With Music


Bossa Nova

Oceans Movement


Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning Part 1

Strength & Flexibility Part 2

Alumni Taught Classes



A Note to Parents

I hope this is helps our dancers to continue to grow, learn, and stay inspired during this incredibly hard time. I am heartbroken about not being able to have classes at the studio but I will always do my best to keep inspiring my students however I can!! I know this is a very strange experience especially our students who are feeling insecure, scared, or just unsure. DANCE will be their outlet, their normal, and their exercise which is DETRIMENTAL to their growth as a person!

As soon as I can I will open the studio again. Lord willing it will be very soon! My goal is to keep recital date where it is. The school has informed me that there is no cancellation of our date and rental at this point! I promise every family if we need to make up classes, to add an extra bonus week, or need more time to prepare for show WE WILL do so and push the date to where we need! I will give all I can to all of you! Right now, we will continue with online education which will be the best we can do under our circumstances!

When we return let me assure you that the studio will be clean, safe, and students will be monitored as they enter and exit. Students will have a drop off procedure and no parents, siblings will be allowed in for the time being. Also, note that our classes sizes are very small compared to their schools! The most traffic that ever enters and exits at once in my studio is 40! For most of my classes we average in sizes of 10-15. When we get clear light to go ahead and open I will do all I can to catch all students up and keep everyone healthy.

Update on costume information. I have been notified by a few companies that some of my costumes will be arriving a little later than normal due to all things going on but as soon as they arrive there will be a costume pick up procedure we follow and I will get them to your families!

Studio A will continue to inspire hearts and minds through proper dance education.

**As stated above in note to students** Parents- I’m asking students- After completion of class/recital dance practice to please email me at:

Send me a picture, video, or just write to let me know how class and practice went! I would love to see you and hear from you. Also, parents must sign the email which indicates the student has practiced! If students are too tiny- do not worry- Parents, please feel free to email me if you wish anytime! I would love to hear feedback. Again, I cannot express how difficult this is for me to not have classes and see my kids! I AM HEARTBROKE.

Final thoughts for BOTH Students and Parents

I am praying for you and your families and the entire world. Remember, before we left for spring break Miss Anna spoke about not fearing the unknown because the Lord KNOWS and is in control EVERYTHING. Our current reality was not our plan, not our wishes, and not anything anyone hoped for! We will work together as one incredible dance family and one community! We have one amazing life to live and gifts to share with each other. I hope to be a LIGHT for you and I will be there for each of you forever and always! I can promise you that a recital will happen…we have 8 weeks (8 classes-and ONLY 8 hours of classes) left only at SADC- That is not long!! We will make it happen!!

Be well, keep praying, and may all our HOPE remain in the Lord who holds our perfect plans.

With great love, gratitude, and unshakable faith,

Miss Anna

Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life, it's what you insprire others to do.