Inspiring Hearts and Minds through proper dance education


Is your dancer ready to be challenged even more? Does he/she desire to be pushed in the fields of technique, leaps, turns and choreography? If the answer is yes, then auditioning for the SADC Company is the next step in making that dream come true. The SADC Company is the competitive group of the conservatory. This is an elite, award winning team that Miss Anna hand picks. You must audition for this group and show that you are ready to work and be an "A Team" member. The team comes before individual and Miss Anna strives to have the strongest team technique wise but also strong in unity. Every other year is a competitive year while the year off of competing is spent as a learning and building year. If your dancer is ready to take this next step auditions are held every summer after dancers have taken BOTH summer intensives offered at SADC. If you have any more questions, please see Miss Anna.

May 9th: 8:00-8:45 pm - 2018/19 Company Meeting. This is for all new and returning students interested in the upcoming year.

May 16th: 8:00-8:45 pm - Company Auditions. Students must wear black and bring all shoes. Hair must be up and secure. Have students prepped with 3 to 4 eight counts. Improv routine to show.

Studio A is a not just a studio where students learn dance. Students also develop their character and learn to set and achieve goals.