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Studio Policies


Enrollment at SADC is completed online. Parents and students must select the classes they wish to attend and the director will approve the student to be eligible to take the class. The director will be auditioning students the first month of the school year. Students may be asked to switch, change, move up or move down to their appropriate level for the highest level of achievement and growth. This may happen several times throughout the year. SADC is highly skilled and wants the VERY best education for every student no matter the age or skill coming in to the studio.

Class Etiquette

Dancers are expected to show up at least 15 minutes prior to their class. Every student is expected to behave in a disciplined manner throughout the facility. There is no running down the hall, horseplay, or climbing on the ballet barre’. Mirrors are never to be touched and our hands are to be kept to ourselves at all times. No candy, gum, or drinks are allowed in the studio room. Unfriendly behavior in the classroom or in the SADC facility is NOT permitted. SADC reserves the right to ask any student or parent who conducts behavior inappropriate and unkind to leave the premises. Visitors and parents are not allowed in the dance room unless invited. This is a safety issue for ALL students and faculty. Students should be dropped of 15 mins prior to their class and parents are free to leave them 5 mins before class begins. We are not responsible for your student before and after class. Please be waiting in the parking lot or walk in to pick your student up when class has dismissed. Instruct your student to remain inside the studio for the duration of their time here at SADC. Please be advised we will not watch siblings of dancers before, during or after classes. Miss Cynthia or front desk help is not free babysitting. Friends are also no permitted to watch or come in to dance class and stick around.

Class Times/Days

For our main session, classes begin in September. There are summer sessions in June/July. More information will be provided about upcoming sessions in a few short months.

You may drop students off fifteen minutes prior to the start of class, but not earlier please. Please pick up students promptly after class. If students are more than 15 minutes late to their scheduled class they will be asked to sit and take notes for that lesson. Please show up prompt and on time! No student will be allowed to interrupt class without front desk permission. Quality time in the class room is important to SADC students and faculty.

Floor & Mirrors

Studio A has made it top priority to provide students with the safest and best quality in dance floor and mirrors.

Studio A has laid the highest quality of floors. We have laid floating floors that will absorb shock. Such floors are considered the best available for dance enhance performance and greatly reduce injuries. Marley has been laid on top of the sprung floating floor. Marley is a professional dance vinyl that will provide dancers with a slip proof surface.

Outside shoes are not allowed on the marley floors. We want to keep the studio sanitized and in the best working condition we can. The outside debris on shoes will damage the marley and we want to keep our floors in their very best condition we can for all the students.

Studio A chose to use Mirrorlite mirrors for the dance room. Mirrorlite mirrors are glassless mirror panels and are shatterproof. Glassless mirror panels are the safest mirror choice and are OSHA compliant. The potential for any mirror injury is practically eliminated.

Please respect the studio and keep hands away and bodies away from touching the mirrors. They are very expensive and highly important to the studio progress.

Class Rules

Students are expected to attend all classes. Frequent absences hold back the students and other students in the class. If you miss a lesson you are welcome and encouraged to make it up. Please ask the director for information regarding your make up class. I reserve the right to dismiss any student with attitude or conduct found unsatisfactory in the classroom. Children not in class (siblings, etc.) should be under parental supervision at all times.

Food and Drink

You may bring water to class. Healthy snacks should be kept in the student’s dance bag and may be eaten during break time. Food and drink other than water is allowed ONLY in the lobby. Absolutely NO gum is allowed in the studio. All trash and student belongings must be picked up and removed from the studio or all things will be put in the trash at closing time of the night it was left. The Studio will not be responsible for lost or stolen items and items left at the studio.

Bring a Friend Week

Bring a Friend Week, a fun week at the studio!!! This will be open to any student. Students are asked to invite ANY and AS MANY friends to come in and take classes. This will be taking place the first two weeks of October.

Father-Daughter Recital Dance

All dancers aged 3 & up are invited to participate in the annual Father-Daughter routine in Recital. Watch for details in March.

Recital & Costumes

All dancers will be featured in the annual recital at the end of the year. Our recital date will be announced in the fall. The performance will be held at the Smith-Cotton Heckart Performing Arts Center. Due to the cost of producing the recital, there is a $50 non-refundable recital fee per family due the last Thursday in October. This fee covers props, video, photography, banners, signs, advertisement and rental fees.

All Tickets will be available for purchase online the month of the show.

Recital Costumes

If the dancer is in a Pre-Combo, Ballet I, II, or Jazz/Tap I, II class, the cost for recital costumes is $65.00 per child. If the dancer is in a Ballet III, IV, V, Pointe, Lyrical, Jazz III, IV, Tap III, IV, V, or V1 class, the fee for recital costumes is $85.00 per child. If dancers are in more than one recital class per week, they need to make a costume payment for each class. All costume fees are non-refundable and payments will be due in December. Tights must be purchased at SADC for all SADC performances. This is mandatory. Tights are $15 and you may pre-purchase yours with your costume payments.

Each student will be measured during their scheduled class at the end of October for costume ordering purposes.

Costumes are ordered by Nov/Dec but not received until the spring. ALL costumes will be distributed (if they are in) to each student during Watch week in May.

Recital T-shirts will be available for pre-purchase in March. Please sign up early to receive your shirt.

Withdrawal / Refunds

If you chose to withdraw from a class for any reason you must contact the front desk 5 days prior to the first of the month. If you fail to do so you will be charged for the month’s tuition. If the front desk continues to not be notified of your withdrawal, your account will continue to be charged and you will be liable for all costume and recital fees until the end of the session (end of May). No withdrawals will be accepted after February 1.

No refunds will be made for student absences. Students are asked to make-up any absences in a comparable class approved by the teacher. Contact the director for appropriate make-up class.


Labor Day: Sept 6th

Thanksgiving Break: Nov 22-27

Christmas Break: Dec 19th- Jan 4th

Spring/Easter Break: TBA

Inclement Weather Cancellations

Classes will not be in session when the SSD #200 is dismissed due to inclement weather. This does include early dismissal due to weather conditions. If you aren’t sure if classes are in session due to weather, call for the latest information.

Contacting the Director

You may contact Miss Anna Monday - Friday during working hours 2 p.m.- 9 p.m. at SADC. Please respect the director by not calling her after 9 p.m.

If you would like to email her after hours with questions and comments, she will return them promptly within 48 hours. E-mail her at or by using our Contact form.

I am truly blessed and honored to work with you and your family at Studio A! I look forward to a wonderful year full of dance education!

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