Inspiring Hearts and Minds through proper dance education

Jazz/Tap I & II

Combined Jazz technique and tap class. Basic Jazz and Tap techniques will be implemented. Students will learn the artistry of today’s jazz and skills of tap. Rhythm and musicality will be introduced and taught in a fun and a challenging environment. Basic strength and agility of dance will be gained. Students will perform at the end of the year with a Tap variation. Teacher Approval required. Must have 1-3 years of dance training.

Please note: Every student will be evaluated and hand selected for each level. All classes are approved by the director. A student may move up or down based on their needs and desires.

Class Schedule

Jazz/Tap I & II
Monday 5:00 - 6:00 PM


5 - 9 yrs old

What To Wear

Solid colored leotard, any color tights or a tank top with tight dance pants, dance shorts, or dance skirt. Color and style of jazz shoe will differ in level and must be purchased before performance time. Most likely, dancers will need tan jazz/tap shoes. Dress Code

Costume Fee

$65.00 per child paid by December 15, 2020