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Pre-Pointe / Pointe

Pre-Pointe’ is an introductory class for girls age 10 and up that covers elementary Pointe training and techniques. Emphasis on proper ballet body skills, alignment, coordination and balance will be mastered. Advancement in Pre-Pointe will be awarded to Pointe’ work for these dancers.

Students En Pointe’ at SADC are Teacher Approved only. Only students who are age 12 and up, after showing advanced skills and discipline in Ballet Techniques may audition and take this class. The end of the year performance will be for the En Pointe’ students only-and auditioned to be a part of the piece. Students will be notified by Jan 15th about their placement in the performance for the end of the year. This is the most advanced Ballet Technique class that SADC offers. Students must be enrolled in 1 - 2 other ballet classes to take this advanced class. Teacher approval is required.

Please note: Every student will be evaluated and hand selected for each level. All classes are approved by the director. A student may move up or down based on their needs and desires.

Class Schedule

Monday 7:00 - 8:00 PM


Pre-Pointe: 10+ yrs old

Pointe: 12+ yrs old

What To Wear

Solid black leotard and pink or black tights only. Pre-pointe: Canvas ballet shoes. Pointe: Pointe ballet shoes. Dress Code

Costume Fee

$85.00 per child paid by December 15, 2020